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About Me


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Miette, a French term of endearment that means “little crumb,” is not only the name of my daughter but it also aptly describes the nature of my approach — I mind all the tiny details. I am fully involved in every aspect of Miette Photography, all to ensure that I design and capture the vision you have in mind.

My name is Jayme Okerblom and I believe that my experience in fine art and design is what sets me apart from other photographers. Using my background as a painter and graphic designer, I instinctively balance the elements of color, texture, light, and negative space in each photo creating not just memorable photos, but true works of art.

Unlike many local newcomers to photography, I have been in the business for over 25 years. I have experience, talent, and a distinctive style that sets me apart from the crowd. Experience is particularly important when it comes to newborn photography. Being a mother of two myself, I remember those early days as a new mom and know that safety is the number one priority. I have been handling newborn babies on an almost daily basis for 15 years. I know how to pose and photograph them safely. I never do stunt photos or pose them in ways that could cause harm. Early in my career, I worked closely with an NICU nurse in order to learn the safest ways to handle infants and still use those methods today.

Talent is also important. Anyone can buy a camera, create a website, and call themselves a photographer, but it truly takes artistry and vision to be a great photographer. Artistry comes from innate creativity and knowing how to apply it. Vision comes from a background of applied experience and a knowledge base of what has come before. When combined with skill and experience, you get talent.

What most clients are immediately drawn to, however, is my photographic style. I construct clean, simple images with a modern edge that will never look trendy or dated. They will stand the test of time because they are classic and timeless, true works of art.

I am one of the busiest and most sought after portrait photographers in the state and I absolutely love my job.

Nominated as Best Family Photographer in Dallas by D Magazine.