Tasteful Maternity Photos

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Tasteful Maternity Photos

When deciding whether or not you want to have a maternity photo shoot, there are several things to consider. With so many opinions for maternity photos, how to choose? Some expecting moms are ecstatic about capturing that perfect shot. Others are hesitant, wondering what they are going to do with an awkward photo of their belly in some of those silly poses that you see online. A maternity shoot doesn’t have to be awkward. With Miette Photography, you get elegant, timeless works of works of art that can be admired for years to come.

Jayme Okerblom of Miette Photography has been in the business for over 25 years, and in addition to photography, has experience in graphic design and painting. With her artistic eye and a style that has been described as minimalist, she never clutters the shot with unnecessary props. These take the attention off what should be the focus: you! She has been nominated as the Best Family Photographer in Dallas by D Magazine, and will give you maternity photos you’ll love.

Confidence is Key

It can be hard for a woman to feel empowered about her beauty during pregnancy, and this is one of the biggest reasons that women choose not to have photos taken. There are a lot of changes going on with the body and it can feel awkward. An experienced photographer like Jayme knows how to make her clients feel confident and their most beautiful. Her central Dallas studio offers privacy and soft lighting, and there is no time limit on a maternity photo session. It’s all about the woman and her experience.

Being confident in yourself, and in your photographer, are the first steps to getting timeless, tasteful photos. That self-assurance always shines through in the final results.

Take Inspiration from Others

It’s not hard to distinguish between tasteful and tacky maternity photos. You don’t want your photos to look silly (although that’s not to say that you can’t be silly). Luckily, there is no shortage of resources for women looking for maternity photo ideas, especially on social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram. Use these resources to get inspiration for your shoot. Having an idea of what poses, settings, and props you like in others’ photos will make it easier for your photographer to give you what you want. You will not be happy with your shoot if it does not reflect you.

Simple studio shots of a woman by herself and in classy poses with her husband can be incredibly tasteful. Family or home shots have a different feel and can also be a way to chronicle what life was like before welcoming your new addition. Photos that show your family dynamic might end up being your favorite. A maternity shoot will look different for every woman, because every woman is unique and has her own preferences. This difference does not mean that all shoots can’t be tasteful.

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