Professional Infant Photography in Dallas

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Professional Infant Photography in Dallas

With smartphones, everybody today is a photographer. In fact, when you have a baby, you will never stop taking photos. Your phone will be filled with pictures of your baby. It’s not surprising. You’ll want to snap photos of everything from their first day and first bath to their first spoonful of food. It’s an exciting time, and little ones don’t stay little for long. While the photos you take yourself have tremendous value, there’s nothing quite like photos from a professional photographer.

Miette Photography is the best professional infant photographer in Dallas. Jayme Okerblom will work her hardest to give you timeless works of art that you will cherish for years to come. She offers more than 25 years of experience and a background in fashion photography and graphic design. She loves her job, and you will love her photography. Now let’s talk about professional infant photography.

Get a Professional Infant Photographer

Photographers like Jayme know what they are doing. She knows how to use props, lighting, and poses both in your home and in her studio to give you the best quality photos that are as close to what you want as possible. She also has the editing skills to perfect the images — some photographers only give you a few good shots. Jayme delivers 75 to 80 final images and they’re all keepers.

It doesn’t matter if you want photos for a birth announcement, a gift for grandma, or just pictures to put around the house; you will be thrilled you chose to have a newborn shoot. You can even include the entire family. Adding members of the family focuses on your dynamic together. These photos might end up being your favorite because they will represent each person and show the love that everybody has for the new baby.

An infant photography session is also a great opportunity to show off your creativity. You will work with Jayme to turn your vision into reality and create works of art that stand the test of time.

Contact Miette Photography

Jayme Okerblom with Miette Photography is an expert in luxury infant photography and wants to capture the special moments in you and your child’s lives. If you are ready to schedule your shoot, give her a call or text at 214-864-5787. Check out her portfolio, read customer raves, and get more details on the Miette Photography website.