Newborn Photography in Dallas

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Newborn Photography in Dallas

Having a child is one of the most special and memorable times of a parent’s life. Capturing some of their earliest moments can bring you and your loved ones joy for years to come, and that’s exactly what newborn photography is meant for.

At Miette Photography in Dallas, Texas, I understand exactly how precious newborn photography shoots can be and I put extra care into each shoot to ensure the focus is on your child. Whether you are looking for newborn, maternity, or family photos, I can cast you in the perfect light for one-of-a-kind photos.

Newborn Photo Shoots in Dallas, Texas

Because newborns are so fragile, I always suggest newborn photo shoots in my central Dallas studio or in your home. Newborns are sleepy and will likely snooze for most our newborn photos, so a quiet location is important. Safety is also critical — I worked with a NICU nurse to learn how to safely handle newborns and it’s always my top priority.

Because my photo studio is private, I can control the lighting and take as long as we need to get the best selection of images possible for your newborn photography. It’s also quiet, important for your sleepy baby.

Newborn Photography from Miette

I specialize in maternity and newborn photography in and around Dallas. My background in fashion photography, painting, and graphic design is what sets my photography apart, as does my minimalist style that emphasizes the most important part of the picture — your infant.

Negative space, texture, and lighting are all aspects often overlooked by amateur photographers. Whether your newborn photography is held in my studio, or your home, I can ensure the highest quality images so you can reminisce on your child’s first few weeks of life for years to come.

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Whether you are looking for a modern photographer to capture the first few weeks of your child’s life through newborn photography, or a family portrait to hang over your mantel, at Miette Photography you are in the hands of the best photographer Dallas, Texas, has to offer.

If you are ready to schedule a photography session with me, please contact me online. If you have any questions about my studio, photography style, or need advice on where to have your photo shoot, please give me a call or text me at 214-864-5787. I look forward to hearing from you.