Funny Photo Ads for Best Family Photographer in Dallas

I am creating some funny photo-ads for my bid to win Best Family Photographer in Dallas. I am posting one a day on Facebook. I have a ton of hilarious baby photos and could probably do this for a month.

Babies are funny and so are toddlers, but toddlers are also mean. Well, mine is. Yesterday she was leading me in an exercise of her own creation that she calls “ballet” but which is a lot more like uncoordinated leaping and falling. We play this game almost daily. She does a “move” and then tells me to copy her and then when I do she tells me I am doing it wrong. It’s less than fun for me as you might imagine. She seems to get a kick out of it though, so I oblige her.

Yesterday she switched things up a bit. After I imitated her move (precisely, I might add) she did not tell me I did it wrong, instead she said, “You’re too old to do that.”



Here are my most recent ads…

I will post one each day if I can remember. But maybe I will forget. I might just be too old.



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