Mothers and expecting mothers living in the Coppell, Texas area deserve the highest quality luxury photography. While some days it may seem that your pregnancy will last forever, it is a fleeting time. Professional maternity photography is something a lot of women treasure for years, and kids absolutely love to see pictures of themselves when they were “in mommy’s tummy.” After your child is born, artistic photographs of their first weeks of life are a true gift. Newborns require special care, and your photographer should be trained in how to handle them. Similarly, the best photographers will know when and where to shoot photos, and they should care are about making the client feel comfortable and self-assured.

At Miette Photography, I bring 25 years of experience to award-winning photography. I’ve trained with a NICU nurse to know how to handle infants. As a mother of two, I understand safety is the number one priority and know how to pose your newborn in a safe and gentle way, avoiding any “stunt poses” that could potentially cause harm.

Expecting mothers should take photos at a time that is most comfortable with them. While maternity photos look best when your belly is full and round, waiting too late to take photos can lead to discomfort or exhaustion. I recommend taking photos around 35 weeks of pregnancy, and waiting until your newborn is at least seven days old.

Why you Should Take Professional Photos

These days, anybody with a camera and website can call themselves a photographer. Unlike the amateurs, I bring 25 years of professional experience to each photo shoot. With my background as a graphic designer and painter, I balance the elements of design and light, creating works of art with each image, and bring vision and expertise with every client.

Before a photo session with me, you will receive a client consultation form that will help me understand your specific vision. Before the shoot, I can recommend certain clothing guidelines, accessories, and props. My style has been described as minimalist, which is part of the reason my maternity photography style never looks dated and my clients are happy with the results. Check out what past customers are raving about.

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If you are an expecting mother or are looking for luxury photos of your newborn, consider my professional photography services. My recent work has earned me a nomination as “Best Family Photographer in Dallas” by D Magazine. Call or text me at 214-864-5787 or fill out the website contact form to schedule a consultation.


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