Fall is here, which means Fall Family Sessions and cooler weather are here too. Cooler weather brings so much to photo sessions, but it can be challenging for skin and even for fashion. Here are my Top 5 Beauty and Fashion Tips for Fall Sessions!


Fall Family Portraits- Miette Photography- Jayme Okerblom


Exfoliation may not be there first thing you think of doing before an outdoor session but it can be key to your skin looking its best in your portraits.  Especially in the winter months, when the air is drier, exfoliating will save you from flaky, dull looking skin. A gentle exfoliant I like is the Mario Badescu facial exfoliant, it feels like water but really works wonders.



Fall Family Photography | Dallas Outdoor Photography | Miette PhotographyMoisturize

Going hand in hand with exfoliation – moisturize! I am sure most of you are doing this every day anyway. However, it is too important not to mention. Moisturizing helps alleviate that dry, chapped skin and brings out your skin’s natural luminance – especially in winter. I love this Cera Ve Lotion, it is works wonders and is cheap! To any winter session, bring Chapstick. Then, bring extra Chapstick! It is just essential.




Concealer is the holy grail of winter make-up aids, in my opinion. Concealer makes it easy to hide those little imperfections, and in winter I love it for those places that get red in the cold air – the tip of the nose, the chin and the cheeks. Just a dab is all you need. Morphe and Colour Pop make incredible, affordable concealers.

BONUS: Green Stick! Just to fight that redness a little more, get a green stick or green primer. It looks really intimidating, but it can be a lifesaver for red skin. Green counterbalances redness, but remember that if you look green, you’ve used too much!




When you are putting together your outfits, and your crew’s outfits – think about layering. I love layered looks in the fall. Layering adds interest and  can accentuate individual personalities among the group. Each person can add their own little flare with a vest, jewelry or jacket.



Neutrals or Jewel Tones

Soul Sister- Family Sessions- Jayme Okerblom- Miette Photography

Both neutrals and jewel tones work well for outdoor sessions in the fall. They bring depth and warmth into a fall shoot, whether it’s in your makeup or in your clothing. Plus, jewel tones are difficult to pull off in any other season, so take advantage.