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You’re expecting a baby — congratulations! As a mother of two, I can say it’s been the biggest joy and adventure of my life. Most parents want newborn photos, but many don’t consider the beauty and lasting sentimental value of maternity photography. Although nine months may feel like nine years (especially toward the end), it’s actually a fleeting time. Every woman I’ve worked with has been so thankful to have high-end professional photos to record such a precious period of her life.
There are so many style options available to you if you choose a photographer with years of experience, a dedicated and private studio, and a background in fashion photography. Miette Photography offers that and more.


Because I have a studio in central Dallas, I can offer my clients so many more creative options than your typical DFW maternity photographer. My 25 years of experience as a photographer includes fashion photography as well as portraiture which gives me a particularly keen eye for making women look their best in maternity photographs. My style is classic and timeless with a clean, modern edge. Nothing trendy that will look dated in ten years. Your maternity portraits will stand the test of time.
Our bodies change radically during pregnancy and some women feel uncomfortable with how they look. They’re hesitant to take maternity photos. All of my clients rave about how relaxed I make them feel — most of them say they walk in feeling nervous and insecure and walk out feeling empowered, confident and sexy. I take a lot of pride in making women feel strong and beautiful at a time when they may feel the most insecure about their bodies.


First, we will have an in-depth consultation beforehand to go over every detail of the session. You’ll know exactly what to expect and we will cover all of the details including mood and shooting style, clothing, accessories, and poses. This will ensure the images you receive will surpass your expectations.
I encourage women to do whatever makes them feel beautiful and confident before the maternity photography session. For some, that means a mani-pedi or professional hair styling and makeup. You have the option to go to your regular hairdresser or I can arrange for a stylist to be at the session for any hair or makeup changes that you might want to make. Keep in mind, however, that I HIGHLY encourage a natural look for hair and makeup. Please see my styling section for more information.

I don’t set a time limit on maternity photo sessions. It may take an hour or it may take three hours to capture everything we want. There are also no limits to outfit changes and poses. I encourage women to bring a variety of clothes — even pieces they’re not sure they’ll have the confidence to wear. After some time together, most clients find themselves with an increased sense of confidence.
Some women want more revealing pictures that show off their beautiful and changing bodies and because I have a private secluded studio, you’ll have many more options for nudity. I have sheer lengths of fabric and scarves for partially nude draping and my studio allows for dramatic as well as soft lighting that compliments the female form.
All images are refined and edited to correct skin flaws and those little bumps and lines that no one wants to see. I want women to look back on this time in their lives and OWN it. Pregnancy is miraculous and so are women!

If you want to learn more about maternity photography that empowers you to feel your most beautiful and gives you heirloom-quality images, call me at 214-864-5787 or contact me via my contact form. You can also look over my investment page for more information regarding pricing.


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