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Congratulations! You’re expecting a baby (or just had one). One of the greatest adventures of your life has just begun, and I hope you choose Miette Photography to document this ephemeral period when your baby is so tiny and new. This is a wonderful time, and you want the kind of high-quality, timeless, beautiful newborn photography that will become a family heirloom to hand down for generations.
All too often, newborn photos are jammed with props and distractions that take away from what should be the center of attention: your baby. I create classic newborn photography with a clean, modern look that is never trendy or overdone. I limit props to warm, cozy blankets, soft, crocheted hats, and maybe a snuggly stuffed animal so that your child is always the most important part of the image. You will not find me buying elaborate sets to stage images. Babies are simple, pure, and perfect just as they are and I strive to highlight that with simplicity of style, perfect lighting, and artistry of medium.
Many families choose to work with me for their first maternity photos, then newborn photography, and later baby photography and family photos. I form long-lasting relationships with my clients based on trust and the consistently high quality of photographs they receive from every photo session.


Newborn babies require special touch and care, and your photographer must have experience (and preferably training) to move and pose your infant in the safest way possible. This means poses should be natural and gentle, never “stunts” that could cause harm. One thing I chose to do was to train with a NICU nurse to observe and learn how to move and lift tiny babies without risking harm. This was after already having two children of my own so my personal experience and professional training go hand in hand.

I have been working in this field for over two decades, handling newborns on an almost daily basis for over 15 years. The baby’s comfort and safety ALWAYS come first. I have seen my share of new local photographers who purchase a digital camera, and attempt to imitate some online photos without first learning about safe practices – posing babies in uncomfortable or dangerous positions without even realizing it. Safety should always be prioritized but you can not guarantee that without experience.


It’s pretty easy to claim the title of “baby photographer.” A good camera, a backdrop or two, a website, and you’re in business. But all photographers are not created equal. Experience really does matter, especially as it pertains to newborn safety and the quality of photos you’re going to get from the newborn photo session. Most newborn photographers can manage a handful of good shots, but you want a range of looks and poses and should expect every photo to be excellent. I usually provide around 40-50 final images to choose from and they are allfully edited and of the highest quality.
An experienced newborn photographer knows what angles work best with a sleeping baby, how to coax out smiles, how to safely pose your baby, and the best times of day to schedule a photo shoot. I recommend you find a photographer with at least five to ten years of experience. Also, be sure you’ve seen an extensive portfolio before paying booking fees.


The best time to reserve your newborn photo session is while you are pregnant in the third trimester. I’m often booked two months out and getting your name on the schedule is a sure way to guarantee you’ll get the photos you want, when you want them. I work flexibly with due dates to make sure we get you into my Dallas studio at a time that’s convenient for you.
Traditionally, parents bring in their baby for a newborn photo session anywhere from 5 days after the due date, to two weeks. Soon-to-be parents often ask me about the ideal age to book a newborn photography session. There are pros and cons to working with both younger and older babies.  A brand-new baby (one week old) will be sleeping for most of the photo shoot and can still be curled up into a fetal position. This is the ideal time because they look cutest at this age when they are asleep. Awake at this stage they are usually cross-eyed and cannot control their flailing arms and legs. It’s adorable but not good for photos!
Slightly older babies (three to four weeks old) are a tad bit chubbier, much more alert, but still typically cross-eyed. They no longer curl up in that cute fetal position as their arms and legs are starting to straighten and strengthen. It’s still possible to shoot at this stage but getting them to sleep is much more difficult. I aim for about day seven as I have found over the years that this is the perfect time for newborn photography.


Before every session, I schedule a pre-session consultation to discuss your expectations and hopes from the shoot. This will be where we go over the style of your session in detail from clothing choices and props, to mood and shooting style. This is to ensure that you get exactly what you want from your session. Newborn sessions are long — typically three to four hours. About 90% of the time is spent just soothing the baby to sleep. But don’t worry, that is my job. This is an opportunity for you to relax — so bring a book, an iPad, or just take a nap on my couch. I will only need you for feeding and a few photos if you plan to be in them. This is not a stressful session at all. I work hard to keep the atmosphere peaceful and cozy. This is not only for the baby, but for the parents as well. It’s a turbulent time in your lives and moments of calm are treasures, so I do my best to give everyone involved a sense of calm during the newborn photo session.
With Miette Photography, you are paying for the best and can expect the best from your newborn photography session. Please contact me today by calling 214-864-5787 or filling out my contact form and check out my investment page for more information.


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