Photography Session Style

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Planning for your maternity or family photography session can seem overwhelming. There are so many factors that can influence your end result and are worth consideration: from clothing and accessories to the overall look and feel. It helps if you consider your goals for the session.

Pre-session Consultation
When you book, I’ll email you to schedule pre-session photo consultation. You may also wish to schedule a pre-session design consultation either in person or over the phone. I recommend this if you have specific style ideas for your session, from clothing and accessories to a location other than my private northwest Dallas studio.

Photography Session Style
I have a background in high fashion photography as well as graphic design. These experiences greatly influence my aesthetic, creating a drive for visual precision. My style has been described as minimalist with a clean, classic look – a hallmark of luxury photography. Visit my newborn, maternity, and family portfolios to see my overall style and get inspiration for your photo session.

I love to collaborate on photo session styles, so if you have an idea of something you would like to try or if you have a specific look that you have seen on my site that you would like me to emulate, we can discuss it before the session.

What you wear for your session is the single most important consideration that impacts the overall look and feel of your images, second only to your choice of photographer. General clothing guidelines for your specific shoot type will be sent to you at the time of booking in my Style Guide along with examples of outfits to give you some ideas. Clothing options can also be discussed at a pre-session design consultation.

Hair and Makeup
I always recommend my adult clients make themselves feel relaxed and confident before our time together. For some, that means a massage. For others, that means a haircut the week before and professional styling the day of. Professional makeup is also something many women enjoy. This is all particularly important for my maternity clients. I want them to feel empowered and gorgeous during their photo sessions.

I discourage the heavy use of props because they draw the eye away from what should be the focus of an image: the person. Props can become visual clutter that take away from the crisp, modern look I aim to achieve.

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