Photography Session Style

Closeup of an infantStyling

Planning for your photography session can seem overwhelming.  There are so many factors that can influence your end result and are worth consideration prior to your shoot. And while I, as your photographer, can remain fluid and flexible with respect to timing, location, and session structure, it is helpful if you – the client – considers your goals and planning points.

Your session should be relaxed and fun, but keep in mind that it is an investment, and an important one that perhaps you’ve been saving for.  With a little bit of extra thought and planning, you can be assured you are more than satisfied and perhaps a little amazed with the final results.

At the time of booking you will receive a Client Consult Form that will help us both plan for your session. Once this form is complete then you may wish to schedule a pre-session design consultation either in person or over the phone. This is completely optional but recommended if you have specific style ideas for your session that include anything from clothing and accessories to props and locations.

What you wear for your session is the single most important consideration that impacts the overall look and feel of your images, second only to your choice of photographer. General clothing guidelines for your specific shoot type will be sent to you at the time of booking, in my Style Guide along with examples of outfits to give you some ideas. Clothing options can also be discussed at a pre-session design consultation.

Session style
I love to collaborate on session styles, so if you have an idea of something you would like to try in a session or if you have a specific look that you have seen on my site that you would like me to emulate, we can discuss it before the session. Feel free to bring your own props and accessories to your shoot as well. I cannot guarantee that I will use all of them but we can definitely discuss the options and choose which items will enhance your photos.

Home Decor
Finishing a stunning room design with family photographs is often difficult. While every family wants beautiful images of their loved ones in their home, portraits tend not to favor the space or the desired decor.

I believe that interior design and family photography go hand in hand. What better way to ensure that the design of the room melds with a client’s beautiful portraits than to commission an image with the room in mind?

Specializing in photography as home decor, I can customize your family portraiture for the space in which it will be displayed. I will handle everything from clothing selection, to style, to the session itself, all with emphasis on your room(s). Because of this caring attention to detail, every portrait is truly a unique piece of art. If you are interested in customizing your session for a particular room or rooms of your home consider booking a pre-session consultation so that we can discuss your needs and I can give you the perfect portrait to fit your space. At the time of booking you will receive a Wall Art Guide that will help you plan where to hang your art and how to measure for it as well.

I design customized pieces to showcase your child’s photo, including albums, birth announcements and holiday cards. You will see the difference in the finished product – iconic images complemented by artistic design.

The era of boring, ordinary photographs is over. Because I understand my clients’ needs for exclusive, classic products that exceed their expectations, clients receive art that represents joy, distinction, and style—the very best that are possible in photography.