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Digital VS. Print – Which Should I Choose?

This is the number one question most clients ask themselves when they set out to find a luxury portrait photographer. And because digital everything is so readily available, most clients assume that getting all of their files on disc should be their number one priority. However, almost 100% of the clients who purchased only digital files told me that they “never did anything with the images”. Some of them invested thousands of dollars to have a disc sitting in a drawer untouched. Why? They didn’t know what to do with them.
Many times I’ve heard, “Once I had the images, I uploaded them to a photo site so friends and family could print them, and I put some on Facebook, but after that I was sort of stuck and did nothing.” By providing my clients with the option to do nothing, I simply enabled them to put their images alongside old family snapshots in the proverbial shoebox…not displayed and not enjoyed.
When you purchase prints, you are more likely to display them and “visit” them often, whether it is looking through an album or passing by a wall print. Because of this, you are more likely to appreciate your investment and truly enjoy it more. My job as a professional photographer is to continue to raise the standards of my industry and provide my clients with an experience that is memorable.
This is why I work with my clients from day one to help them plan for their images. Once the session is booked, I give them guidelines on looking for the right space in their home, measuring for size, and planning the session to fit with their décor. I work with each of my clients to choose the perfect images that will complement their home and lifestyle so that they can get the most from their investment. I do offer digital files a’ la carte after the minimum has been met, but I highly recommend that each client think about how they want to spend their money – on something that will be displayed and enjoyed or on something that will reside as a file on a computer.


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