The explosion of digital photography, online sharing, home printing, and social media over the last decade has made it easier than ever to capture those everyday (and special) moments. I am thrilled that the art of photography has become more accessible to the hobbyist. Oftentimes my clients have top of the line gear, similar to mine, and are well versed in how to use it.

But even with all of the tools and resources so widely available, and the ability to capture the every day, nothing beats the work of an accomplished professional maternity and portrait photographer to document your family, in its entirety. There is so much to gain from a custom, professional photography session – one that is created specifically for you.

Many people ask, “Why do I need to hire a professional photographer?” The answer is related to quality and the expected end results:

  • Having a professional document what they see creates a story that is extremely different from one created by handing over your camera to your uncle or an aspiring photographer friend.
  • Being able to relax and unwind, and pose yourself naturally, with a bit of professional guidance is far superior to striking your one go-to pose with your “camera ready smile” while hoping it works.
  • Having an entire series of images, rather than just one good one, allows you to create wall galleries, or even albums, that perfectly captures an exact point in time with your family.
  • Having an entire series of technically correct images (rather than ones that are too bright, too dark, unfocused, or incorrectly lit) will enable you to proudly share and display the end result without needing to rely on those infamous disclaimers (“I know it’s not in focus, but I love it anyway!”)

That being said, high quality professional photography can be expensive – and that is because custom art commands value. Unless you have a bit of disposable income, you need to consider it as an investment the same way you would consider any other purchase for your home. You certainly don’t want to have to do it over (and pay twice!) or get less than what you expected. You should select your luxury photographer based on their style, area of expertise, quality, reputation, brand, and your expectations for an end result.

Another option to consider is to spread the expense around a bit by allowing friends and family to contribute to your photo session. Add Miette Photography to your gift registry and your loved ones can donate amounts specified by you or in any increment that they wish. For more information, please see my GIFT REGISTRY page.

If you have questions or want to learn more about investing in professional photography, call me at 214-864-5787 or contact me via my contact form.


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