An experienced maternity and newborn photographer will deliver excellence with almost every photo and encourage lots of looks and poses. I provide 60-80 final images to my Las Colinas, Texas clients, and all of them are keepers! One of the only “complaints” I get from clients is their difficulty in choosing which pictures to frame because so many are favorites.

A long-tenured photographer understands which angle and light works best for a sleeping baby, how to coax out smiles, how to pose your child gently, and the best time of day to schedule when a baby is tiny. Your photographer should have at least five years of experience in the field. I have more than two decades and a background in art and high fashion photography. It shows in the quality of my pieces: they will look as relevant in 20 years as they do the day you hang them on your wall.

One critical consideration when choosing a maternity or newborn photographer is the safety of your infant. Some local photographers use trendy poses and props that could put your baby at risk. I went to a NICU nurse and trained with her on how to safely handle newborns, especially their delicate necks and heads. I’m also a mother of two and a child advocate, so safety gets my full attention at every session. Be sure you’ve seen an extensive portfolio before booking with any photographer. You’ll want to understand his or her capabilities, as well as get an idea of style.

Be sure you’ve seen an extensive portfolio before booking with anyone. You want to understand his or her capabilities, as well as get an idea of style. If you’re looking for a Las Colinas baby photographer or Las Colinas maternity photographer to create photos that capture emotion in an authentic, timeless way, please call or text me at 214-864-5787 or use my website contact form. I look forward to speaking to you soon.


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