As a Plano, Texas baby photographer and maternity photographer, I have over 25 years of experience, and a background in high fashion and art photography. This helps me create timeless, elegant, authentic photos that look as wonderful in 15 years as they do on the day you receive them.

One major consideration when choosing a baby photographer is safety training. Some photographers try gimmicky or trendy poses and props that might put your infant at risk. I spent time with a NICU nurse learning how to safely handle babies, especially their fragile necks and heads. I’m also a mother of two and an advocate for kid’s safety, so it is my top priority in every encounter.

When working with women during maternity photography sessions, I help create a sense of ease that helps women feel empowered. I build trust and help to make my clients feel comfortable with their changing bodies. Many women come to me feeling shy about partially nude maternity photos, and end up loving their photos. One of my goals is to help women feel their most beautiful and truly “own it” during their time together.

Almost any photographer can manage a few good pictures during a photo session, but you deserve more than a handful. An experienced photographer will offer lots of looks and poses, and create high quality art with every picture. I provide between 60-80 final images and all of them are great! If you’re looking for a Plano baby photographer or Plano maternity photographer, please give me a call at 214-864-5787 or use the website contact form.


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