Babies on the brain! Jayme is getting more and more maternity clients. With that comes more moms interested in maternity boudoir. We have compiled a little list of Jayme’s top tricks and tips for preparing for these kinds of sessions. They can be really intimidating, and we want you to feel 100% confident going into your session.

1- Know your Photographer

This probably seems super obvious, and you have probably already started doing this as much as you can. Diving into photographer’s websites, and checking out their portfolios is the first step. If you haven’t done that, then you definitely should! See what the photographers are capable of, and really see what style of photography pulls your eye.

After you check out their websites and make contact with them- ask all the questions you have. All of them. Jayme has a blog from a while ago with her 5 Main Questions to Consider Before you Book. It can give you a good starting point as far as what to ask. Ask about their process, and what you should expect from your session. Clarify the style you both are going for with the shoot, and even go off-beat a little. Ask about how they got into photography, how long they have been doing these kinds of shoots, etc. Just get comfortable with them and their personality. This is always important, but especially for a Maternity Boudoir shoot. Make sure it is someone you would be okay with in the studio partially nude, or fully nude.

Jayme really likes to do these meetings in person so you both can get a good read on each other and make sure you are both comfortable. Most of the time she will do them in the studio so you can even feel out the space, however, these meetings can be done over the phone as well. Whatever works for you!

2- Find the Right Clothes

After Jayme meets with her clients, she sends over a style guide. It is a great visual that can help you see what she has found looks best on camera. Here are a few pieces that would be easy for you to bring;

expecting mom posing for her maternity boudoir session in vintage lace robe

Underwear: You can wear a cute pair of underwear and drape yourself in something flowy for a really gorgeous look that isn’t too revealing. If you are looking to show off your bump from the side, your hip/ booty- bring a thong! Shows just the right amount, without being too much. You could even do a matching bra and underwear set! Play with textures on those, lace, silk and frills all add a little extra touch.

Lingerie: Lingerie is PERFECT for this kind of shoot. It was designed to show off or hide parts of your body. We are obviously going to show off your bump with this session, so a babydoll with an open front where your bump can pop out is a great look. You can also go for something a little more slim-fitting, that accentuates that gorgeous bump you’ve got growing!

Robes: Vintage lingerie robes are stunning for a maternity boudoir session. They are usually a little longer and flowier than modern options. If lingerie isn’t really your thing, cotton robes can be draped and posed for a sexy look, that isn’t too much for your taste. The number one thing with robes is that the front can open to show off that bump, your shoulders, or breasts.

Button-Up Shirts, Vests and Jackets:  All of these are so versatile! They can cover or expose different amounts of belly and breasts.  Bring your hubby’s button-up shirt, an oversized sleep shirt or cardigan- or even a long coat. All will look gorgeous.

Skirts: With a skirt, you are adding to the focus being on your upper body. Let’s face it, it is all. about. the. bump. So, we want to show it off as much as possible! Maxi-skirts, sheaths, or other long a-line skirts have great movement and drape in a really pretty way.

Gorgeous maternity session in dallas studio 3- Be Healthy

Leading up to your session, take extra good care of yourself. We are sure that you already are since you are growing a human, but take the extra step leading up. Drink a lot of water, avoid super-sugary or fried foods. And don’t eat anything that might contribute to water retention.

Also- get some sleep before your session!

4- Body Grooming Maternity Boudoir session in private dallas studio

Your hands and feet will probably play a bigger role in your session than you think! Treat yourself and get a manicure and pedicure. You will be touching and holding your bump, making your hands pretty central throughout the shoot. Your feet might also be visible. We would hate for distracting nails to pull the focus from your belly.

Remove your body hair however you usually do! Right before a shoot is not the time to switch up your process. If you wax, make sure and have your appointment 2-3 days before your session. Your skin will definitely need time to calm down before you get in front of the camera. Your makeup can help, but putting makeup on freshly waxed skin can lead to breakouts. Play it safe and give yourself a few days!

5- Hair and Makeup

Jayme highly recommends getting your hair and makeup professionally done before your shoot. It adds to the day, making it feel even more special, but it is also less stressful! If you are super picky and like to do your own hair and makeup, then go for it! But, don’t be afraid to treat yourself. They are beauty portraits.

Make sure and chat with your photographer, because the style of the shoot will probably influence your hair and makeup.

If you don’t have a stylist, reach out to Jayme! She has one that she works with on a regular basis, and trusts.

We really hope that this helps you have a better idea of what your maternity boudoir session will be like, and put your mind at ease. If you’d like to schedule a session, don’t hesitate to reach out. Please call or text Jayme at 214.390.9524 or use the online contact form. She will get back to you quickly, usually within one day.


woman expecting child in dallas studio for maternity boudoir session Maternity Boudoir session in private dallas studio

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