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Adding that extra flair to your session can be so fun, but sometimes very daunting. I love when clients come in with accessories that match their personalities or just take time to think about how they can add to their outfits for the session. I also get the groups that aren’t sure and would like some help, so here are my Top 5 Tips for Accessorizing for your session.

ake the crew outside- Family Sessions- meitte photography- jayme okerblomTie it Together

I have said this before in a blog, but your outfits don’t have to match. They do need to go together, or coordinate. You can bring it all back together with a necklace or bracelet that ties into everyone else’s outfits, or just brings a common color from some outfits into yours. Such an easy and fun way to make your looks cohesive, while still loving the clothes you’re in.

Sentimental Pieces

In photos, I love when sentimental jewelry is worn. Whether it’s a necklace your husband gave you, and you wear it at your newborn session or a gift from your mom – it is a nice touch.



Accessories – not just jewelry Family Sessions- Miette Photography- Jayme Okerblom

Accessorizing doesn’t have to be just jewelry. Hats, scarves, and belts definitely count too. In fall sessions especially, you can have so much fun with picking your accessories. Light layers, a fur vest or a hat can all be fun extra touches to your session.


Be You

If you aren’t a blingy jewelry person, don’t wear sparkly jewelry for your session. There are a lot of great examples of beautiful photos on the internet, but don’t wear what they wear if it doesnt fit your style. At the end of the day, I want to capture your personalities so that you end up with photos where you feel like yourself. Rock it.


Don’t Overdo it Fall Family Fun- Miette Photography- Jayme Okerblom

Choose wisely! The focus of your photos is your face and your family’s faces. Don’t go too big on accessorizing so that the focus is your adorable matching costume bracelet/ necklace/ ring combo. I’m sure it’s a great set, however, save it for a night out.


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