There are many different ways to take maternity photos, but let’s talk about one of our favorite styles: black and white maternity photography in a studio.

Jayme has been photographing expectant mothers in the North Texas area for over 20 years. And as a mother of two, it’s been the biggest joy and adventure of her life. Although nine months may feel like nine years—especially toward the end—time flies when it comes to motherhood. Every woman she’s worked with is so thankful to have high-quality, professional photos to record this period of her life.

Here are a few of our favorite reasons why you’ll love maternity photography in a studio.

black & white maternity photography

Maternity Photography in a Studio Is Versatile

Because Miette Photography has a studio in central Dallas, Jayme can offer clients so many creative options for photo shoots. From high-fashion modeling to feminine, tasteful boudoir shots, she creates a unique shoot for each mom-to-be.

. The lighting is flexible to help you look your best while still keeping the tone natural. We can use different wardrobes, props, and poses, while sticking to Jayme’s timeless, modern style.

Plus, the studio is private. Jayme will help you feel comfortable and offer guidance as needed, and you won’t have anyone else observing like you might in a more public shoot location!

black & white maternity photography

Black & White Maternity Photography is Fashionable

With a background in fashion photography, Jayme knows how to take maternity photos that aren’t frumpy or boring. Instead, they’re chic and fashion-forward. And they put you and your powerful, changing body in the center, right where you should be!

maternity photography in studio

We Also Love Boudoir Maternity Photography in a Studio

Finally, let’s talk about boudoir maternity sessions. Boudoir maternity features pregnant women in lingerie or other sensual clothing and poses. Our bodies change radically during pregnancy, and some women feel uncomfortable with how they look. But Jayme’s clients rave about how relaxed she makes them feel—and empowered, confident, and sexy. Boudoir maternity photos capture this season of life in a non-traditional way.

black & white maternity photography maternity photography in studio

Here’s How to Prepare for a Maternity Shoot With Jayme

If you’re interested in booking a shoot with Jayme—or you already have—here’s a refresher on three tips to prepare for a maternity shoot. First, keep hair, makeup and nails simple and natural. Second, relax. Let Jayme’s expertise guide you in your poses. (It’s actually a fun process!) Third, embrace your changing body and remember that confidence is key.

Want to learn more? Contact Jayme and get your pre-shoot consultation scheduled!

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