As our final Celebrating Diversity- Motherhood series blog of August, we are going to dive into one of the many big topics of booking a session. Choosing your overall style. There are so many styles of maternity sessions, and narrowing your favorites down can be a chore. Or maybe you have no clue. Either way. Here is my guide and what to expect for choosing an overall style for your maternity session.


Pre-Session Consultation

Once your maternity session has been booked, I always like to do a pre-session consultation. It is a great way for us to work together to develop a plan and make sure we are on the same page. One of the things we will discuss will be the overall style you want in your photos. This can sometimes be a bit difficult for my clients to narrow down. Thankfully, we don’t have to narrow it down to just one look, we will definitely do several. However, it helps to find an over-arching theme for your session. Do you want your photos to convey a sense of romance and femininity? Then we will go for soft fabrics, neutral or pastel colors, and maybe softer lighting. Do you want an edgy more dramatic look? If so, then we might choose some fashion-oriented poses, more dramatic clothing and accessory options, and plan for black and white images. Whatever you envision for your session we can probably make happen but we also want to make sure that it suits YOU and your vision.


Picking Overall Style Inspo

When you look through photos for inspiration, first choose the images you like on a gut level. Just whatever you see that makes you smile. Don’t over-think it. Then once you have some images that you like, see if you can identify a theme running through them. Maybe the models just look happy and more relaxed than you feel in your current month of pregnancy! Often, though, you will find a thread that ties the images together and that will be the story we want to tell with your images.

Once we determine that story, we can narrow down (or broaden) your clothing choices, hair and makeup options, and accessories. We can also work to come up with creative new ways to tell the story. The sky’s the limit.


Call Me

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