The photo session for this newborn girl was a relatively relaxed event. She was quiet, and pretty content to snooze through most of the shoot.

Her first-time mom and Grandma came to the session, which took place in my studio. Since this baby girl was so sleepy and easy to work with. They didn’t have much to do, and got a chance to rest while I worked. I’m pretty sure there was a point in the session when I was working with a sleeping baby while Mom and Grandma also slept on my couch.

Sometimes newborn sessions are like that, with few accidents and little fussing and everyone can have a nice nap (besides the photographer, of course). After all, everybody has to sleep sometime, especially new parents. You gotta do it when you can. At your house, on the bus, or occasionally at work. I fell asleep waiting in the bank drive-thru not long after my first baby. Not the ideal place but I was pretty desperate.

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