Black and white photo of a mom and her newborn baby.

We’ve all heard of wedding registries and baby registries–but what about photography registries? Miette Photograph is excited to unveil a new way for our clients to invest in DFW family photography. Our new gift registry is now live!

We know it can be tough for families to prioritize big expenses. Why not let your loved ones help? Here are a few reasons why the gift registry could be a great option for your family.

A mom and dad smile at their newborn.

Why Invest in Professional DFW Family Photography?

As we always say, professional photography is an investment. Anyone can take quality photos on their iPhone, capturing hundreds of candid moments over the years. But professional photography is different. When you, your newborn, or whole family come to the studio, we can capture your whole essence. Professional photography allows you to remember moments in time forever and is perfect for frames, albums, and other lasting products.

Cut Down on Excessive Gifts

Whether you’ve had your first–or second, third, fourth, or beyond–child, you know that baby gifts pile up fast. The books, stuffed animals, plastic toys, and clothing can get overwhelming. If you’re feeling smothered in piles of gifts from well-meaning family members, a gift registry is an alternate way for them to support you and your babies.

The gift registry can be included on maternity announcements, baby shower Save the Dates, or one-year birthday invitations. It’s a gift that will last a lifetime instead of collecting dust in a basket or on a shelf.

A baby in a red hat plays with a red ball.

How to Use the Gift Registry

Getting started with the gift registry is simple. Just copy this link ( and share it with friends and family. They can enter your last name under “Registry Name” with a specified gift amount. You can suggest a gift amount or leave it up to them to decide. You’ll be notified of your credit balance so you can anticipate the session and all the print options you’ll have!

A young child sits on a blue bench.

It’s an honor for Miette Photography to serve you with DFW family photography. And it’s an honor for others to support you. If you have any questions about the gift registry or scheduling a session with Jayme, contact us today!

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