From one of the best newborn photographers in Dallas, learn some of our favorite tips on how to pose a newborn baby! Hundreds of families have trusted Jayme over the years to capture gentle, beautiful photos of their newborns. She even trained with a NICU nurse to learn how to safely handle babies as young as five days old. Using a peaceful environment, the newborn’s natural movements, and a resting face, your newborn photos will preserve the memories of those early days, forever.

Create a Peaceful Environment

The lighting, sound, and temperature of the studio play an important role in putting a newborn baby at ease. Start by dimming the lights or using natural light. Also keep the area as quiet as possible. Jayme harnesses a zen-like state by moving slowly, humming, or cooing while she photographs, which helps the baby to feel calm and protected. Finally, ensure the space is warm and cozy for both the baby and the mother. Soft fabrics and a cushy place to lay are soothing for little ones. They also add texture to modern newborn photography.

modern newborn photography

Just like adults feel more at peace in a warm, cozy room with a confident photographer, so do newborns! 

Let the Newborn Choose Their Own Movement

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Rather than maneuvering a baby’s limbs into a pose, observe their natural movement. You may tuck in an elbow or knee here or there, but overall, let the baby choose the position.

“You’re working with this new form of life,” Jayme says. “I never guarantee a pose–I let the baby dictate his or her movement. Babies have a natural way of curling up and getting comfortable.”

As a children’s photographer in Dallas, Jayme is used to guiding kids and families into photo-friendly poses. A ten-year-old or parent might need a little advice on how to position their body or look natural. But newborn babies photograph more comfortably when they position themselves. A forced pose risks looking inauthentic and may disturb the newborn’s peace.

Focus on Their Resting Face

modern newborn photography

There’s nothing sweeter than a baby’s sleeping face. Capture the quiet moments at home–like your baby’s face when they’re rocking in your arms–by focusing on their face throughout the shoot. If you can glean a smile, that’s a bonus! The best Dallas newborn photographers know these few tips to make a baby smile.

Best newborn photographers dallas

(We also love a big ole’ yawn.)

modern newborn photography

If you’re in need of Dallas newborn photography, book a session with Jayme and capture the newborn days forever!

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