An infant photo session comes in all shapes and styles. There are always trends that come and go, as well as go-to “looks” you’ll see again and again. But the mark of a great photographer is the ability to capture images that look timeless and classic for years to come.

Today, I’m sharing pictures from a snuggly and sweet infant photo session in my East Dallas studio. They are both color and black and white and part of their beauty is their simplicity and focus. The emphasis is on the baby, and props are just there to support the image. These pictures will stand the test of time and look great 20 years from now because there’s nothing to date them.

This baby girl did not want to sleep at first. But I used my magic and then she slept like a log for the rest of our time together. There’s almost nothing as adorable as a snoozing newborn. Part of the reason we’re so enchanted by babies is that they are so tiny and perfect in every way. I like to get up close and get photos of those eyelashes and cheeks, fingers and toes. I also like to take whole-body shots with a perspective that emphasizes the baby’s tiny size. Getting a variety of shots is part of why I can give my clients so many options when they get their final package of photos.

I also take a lot of pictures in every newborn photo session—sometimes hundreds. This way, I can always give my clients a selection of 70-100 photos to choose from, and they’re all keepers. They have lots of options to choose from and sometimes, the problem is picking which ones they want. (I help with that, too!)

If you’re pregnant, now is the time to book your infant photo session with me—I’m taking appointments into February and March. I look forward to working with you.

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