At Miette Photography, we’ve shot photos for many different types of families in many different styles. But this recent photo session was extra special—Jayme, a family photographer in Dallas, got to work with a couple who adopted their little girl.

The most common types of family photos are outdoor photos, indoor studio photos, and at-home lifestyle photos. This session fell in the last category. Jayme visited the family in their home and took photos of them doing everyday activities. Here’s why that style was important to this family!

adoption family photos

How One Adoption Can Lead to Another

Jayme learned from this couple that since they had adopted their little girl, they’re now considering adopting another child. By creating a portfolio of photos (in addition to interviews and written descriptions), their agency could share the portfolio with parents who are looking for a family to adopt their baby.

Lifestyle photos help describe a family visually. In this case, the duo and their daughter showed Jayme some of their favorite pastimes, like cooking and coloring. Parents can look through several profiles to get a feel for each family and to find the right match for their child. The photos serve two purposes: to show biological families what adoption looks like in this family, and to capture these memories forever.

adoption family photos

adoption family photos

It was an honor to get to meet the family and be invited into their home. Hopefully, the photos will help expectant parents understand adoption and alternative options to raising their child.

Plus, this adopted little girl and her parents will have these photos to reflect on and cherish forever!

family photographer in dallas

Book Lifestyle Photos With the Best Family Photographer in Dallas

With fall upon us, it’s time to book a photo session for your family! We welcome families of all sizes, ages, and relations. When you contact Miette Photography, you can specify which types of family photos you’re aiming for. The right family photographer in Dallas will know just how to capture your vision.

Plus, our gift registry is a way for others to help financially support your photo session. So if Grandma or your next door neighbor asks what to get you for Christmas, you can direct them to the gift registry page. They’ll just need to enter your last name in the “Registry Name” box.

We hope to see you and your family soon!

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