Once you have scheduled your session, there are a few details to nail down. Style is a big one. Outfits, makeup, location – all need to be taken into consideration to make you and your family look good and feel comfortable during the session. We will go over these in detail in your pre-session consultation. But right before the big day there are usually some specifics for each session type that will help make things go more smoothly, especially, with children involved!  Here are a few of my week-of tips to make things a little less stressful.



Moisturize that baby! Some little ones have very dry skin, which is totally normal. However, for the few days leading up to your session, moisturize their skin. Dry, flaky skin can be very obvious on camera and most babies start to shed skin around day 10. Some flaking is normal but overly flaky skin is something that can not be edited out so we want to do what we can to prevent that. It’s pretty simple, just put on a nice, natural baby lotion or oil for two or three days before the session, and you will be good as gold.


Older Children

Depending on their age and personality, older kids can be very wary of the whole photoshoot thing.  Some kids are naturally good at hamming it up and will light up as soon as they know they are in the spotlight but some are a bit more introverted and will take time to warm up. But talking about the session, and about the photographer beforehand will make it seem less scary for the kids that are more nervous. Ask them if they have any questions you can answer and let them know their input is important. Another pro-tip is to let them help pick out one of their outfits. The more they feel a part of the process, the easier the day will be. Obviously you can let them choose between a couple of pre-chosen outfits, but giving them that small amount of agency in the process will make them feel involved and less likely to fight it.



For all of you gorgeous, expecting mamas, I have two very simple and useful tips. Number one, moisturize. I know I mentioned it for your babies, but it is a foolproof and useful tip. Number two, drink a lot of water. Water is just so good for your skin and will really make you glow. Don’t doubt the simple things, they will change everything,


Call Me

Please call or text me at 214.390.9524 or use my online contact form and I’ll get back to you quickly, usually within one day. I look forward to speaking with you.

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