To keep our Month of Mom’s going, we want to bring back an older session. This one is so fun, and so special. You will fully be able to see how sentimental this one is, with just one peek. I love that we get to bring this one back for everyone, and get to give it a second-wave. Who knows, you may see this again in a few months, that is just how cute it is.


Sentimental Shoot

Jayme has gotten to do many family sessions where multiple generations of family members gather, and get some amazing shots! This is kind of similar… kind of. This gorgeous mom approached Jayme and wanted to have pictures taken of her and her daughter. Mom in her Moms (Grandma of the situation) wedding dress, and her adorable daughter in her wedding dress. How fun is that? The little girl was 3 years old at the time, and the dress was just a *little bit* too big for her. But, that is half of the fun of the shots. Watching this little thing swim around in her moms wedding dress, and struggling to hold it up.

This little girl was built for a session like this. She was loving the sparkles, the tiara and once the veil came out… oh buddy she was excited. Not only was she obsessed with the whole look, but she has one of those personalities that just shines through the camera. Not only is it sentimental because of the wedding dress, but to have her 3-year-old personality captured so perfectly is just as special! Maybe this group will come back and do the session with that little girl who is close to 10-years-old now! Really make it generational!


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