I can say it a million times, but newborn babies are just so darn cute. One of my favorite things is to have these nuggets in the studio with their mamas. Making sure we get all of the shots, so you never forget the tiny little things they do, like this nugget’s smolder.


Little Baby Smolder

This GORGEOUS babe is pretty much a born model. You cannot learn a smolder like this one- you have got to be born with it. He is a perfect studio model, between his natural model behavior, and those baby blue’s… holy moly. I don’t think you could get a bad picture of him. His poor mama is in for trouble with this one.


Focus on the Little Things

Newborns are so cute, no matter what. They are cuddly, pure and just flat out adorable. I want to focus on all of the incredible things you swear you will never forget. Let’s face it, we all sleep, and certain things slip our mind. No matter how many times we swear we will never forget. For this little champ, I wanted to make sure I got those gorgeous blue eyes, tiny model poses and that full head of hair. I can just hear his mama in 20 years, whipping out one of these pictures, “When you were born you had the most hair. A full head!” Anything like that, I want to be sure we capture.


Call Me

If you are looking to schedule a newborn session, please don’t hesitate. If you are an expecting mama looking for ideas, look into my First Year Albums. They are just an easy way to make sure you capture all of the major milestones. Maternity, Newborn, Six-Month and One-Year sessions are all included. Please call or text me at 214.864.5787 or use my online contact form and I’ll get back to you quickly, usually within one day. I look forward to speaking with you.



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