Toddlers, one of the many, many wonders of the world. This little guy is living proof. I, for one, cannot believe just how adorable this kiddo is, and how fun this session turned out. He was running and playing in the studio, he was loving it. Thankfully, that makes Jayme’s job even more fun, and the final product more special.


Know Your Kiddo

Kids can be so hit and miss on what they are comfortable with, and all of their adorable budding personalities are different from the last. Some little boys and girls that come into the studio are mortified. They tense up and are not loving any of it. They are uncomfortable and unsettled, while that makes for cute memorable pictures, they are not the Hallmark smile photos we all want for the frames. Others, like this guy, are totally cool in the studio. Acting like it is their room, walking around like they own the place. The beauty of Jayme’s private studio is that you get the time to let your kiddo warm up. You don’t have to stress that you are going to run out of time, and Jayme is a master at getting kids to loosen up.


Let Them Shine

I am always thrilled when Jayme sends over a session like this one. I love when the little ones get to run around in their superman outfits or pose with their favorite toys. It is adorable and so memorable for parents to look back on. If your little one loves to run around in a cape, bring it into the studio. Let your kid’s personality shine bright. Those are the shots that you will cherish and tell stories about for years and years.

Call Jayme

If you are looking to schedule a session with Jayme, give do not wait to reach out. Please call or text Jayme at 214.390.9524 or use the online contact form. She will get back to you quickly, usually within one day.

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