It’s hard to believe that the hustle and bustle of the dreaded, and beloved, back-to-school frenzy is starting to transition into an all-too-familiar chaotic rhythm of the daily grind. The excitement of new classrooms, reuniting with old friends, back-to-school shopping and finding “The Perfect” picture day outfits that will be immortalized for all the world to see for the rest of history (thanks to the wonders of the internet – no pressure!).

For our High School Senior friends (and parents) this is one of the ultimate endeavors on a long list of to-dos for the year. Senior pictures are such a quintessential part of documenting our early educational journey, a beautiful snapshot celebrating this moment in time. One that we will look back upon years later to recall the “good ‘ol days” at our high school reunions. Aside from the basic yearbook shots, it’s an opportunity to express yourself in front of the camera. To capture the beauty in the things that bring you joy today in a unique and timeless way.

Having a photographer who understands your vision with the ability to capture your personality on film is priceless. Gone are the days of cookie-cutter images that look like everyone else’s. Jayme has brilliantly taken senior photos to the next level, offering a high-fashion approach to these timeless treasures. Her ability to relate to her clients and put them at ease in front of the camera, allows her to capture their unique personalities in clean, modern portraits that will be cherished for years to come.

I have to admit, this all had me feeling a bit nostalgic, so I took a little trip down memory lane and pulled out my senior pics – oh my gosh y’all! Wow, I’m really aging myself here. Don’t laugh, but at the time I thought I was pretty cutting-edge and fashionable. I can’t tell you how many seniors in my town had those same backgrounds. Case in point, umm, hello woodpile… let me just lounge over here by you for a minute?! Ha! Don’t get me wrong, I love me some outdoor time, but those who know me understand that the woodpile in no way exemplifies my personality and this image gets filed in the “things that make you go… hmmm?” category.

Regardless, I must tell you, I still remember how I felt at that shoot. The initial nerves, the confidence, excitement, sense of glamour and importance I felt in front of the camera. It is true what they say, a picture speaks a thousand words (well, except the woodpile, not sure what those words would be).

If you’re looking for unique, Insta-worthy senior portraits with a personality of their own, give Jayme a shout to book your high-fashion senior photo session today! I’m seriously thinking it’s time for a redo myself 😉

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old school senior photos in private studio old school senior photos in private studio old school senior photos in private studio

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