Picking a newborn photographer is a major part of the battle of getting newborn photos you love. There are a million people out there with a camera, that say they are newborn photographers. Not all of them have the qualifications to be a newborn photographer. Here are the Top 4 Tips I have for picking the right newborn photographer for you.


Experience- beautiful sleepy baby boy in private dallas studio

This may seem simple, but I truly cannot stress it enough. When you do a newborn session, you are relinquishing control, for maybe the first time since you were in the hospital. That is a lot of trusts to put into someone. Make sure you know they are experienced. Read all of the reviews you can find. You NEED to be comfortable with your photographer when they are handling your newborn.


Studio session in newborn photographers private studio Safety-

Vet the heck out of your newborn photographer on safety in their studio. Ask all of the questions- no matter how silly they may seem. Go through their newborn gallery. Are you uncomfortable with any of their images? Some photographers will suspend babies in slings or hammocks with no support. That is wildly unsafe. That is not how I roll. With the power of photoshop, my safeguards, like Mom and Dad, don’t end up in the final product. However, they are there.


Professionalism- Studio session in newborn photographers private studio

Again, a super simple thing that can be missed in practice. Check reviews online, ask about turnaround time, and ask all of your questions. If you don’t like the answers, the time it takes them to get back to you, or how the conversations go- they may not be the photographer for you. And that is ok. Find the one that is.


gorgeous studio newborn photography session Style-

If you are not a fan of a photographer’s galleries, do not bother. Every photographer has a different style and a different niche. Really take the time to dissect their galleries to see if you like their work. If you like the work- you will trust the process and know you will be receiving gorgeous images in the end.



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