Family sessions always seem lightyears easier than a newborn or any type of baby photo session. They are a lot easier on Mom and Dad, there is way less to remember to bring. However, sometimes we get blindsided by how easy they seem and don’t bring necessities. Here are my Top 5 Things to Bring to Your Family Sessions.


beautiful family session in private studio celebrating toddler's first birthday 1- Extra Shirt or Outfits

This holds true no matter how big or small your kids are. Kids of all ages can be messy messy messy, especially when you put them in a beautiful white shirt that you have saved for family photo day. For some reason, they are a shirt’s death sentence. And a pro-tip is to make sure all of your shirts/ outfits you and the family wear go together. Even your extra “reserve” shirts. If you can keep them in the same family, your pictures will be on the next level.


2- Snacks

Snacks, they are a universal pleaser arent they? Sometimes shoots can seem long, especially to kids. We all know anyone can reach a certain level of “hanger” when their mood just drops, and they are no longer here for the day. A great way to bring the mood back up is a good ol’ fashion snack. Of course, bring something that won’t make a huge mess, but other than that… go wild.




3- Touch-Up Kit

Most ladies have this regardless. We all know anytime we spend longer than 10-15 minutes on our makeup, a touch-up kit is necessary. Gotta keep the look alive and fresh! If you aren’t usually a carrier of a touch-up kit, there are a few things you need to have. some foundation, oil blotting pads, your lipstick of the day and always always always have some extra powder.



4- A Toy for the Little Ones

Much like snacks, toys can be a great mood booster and distraction. I like to move quickly with little kids to be sure they don’t get bored, but sometimes they do. Kids’ attention spans can be short, so having a backup toy or distraction is always a good move. You may not need it, especially if we are doing an outdoor session, but it is way better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.




5- To-Go Hair Kit

Anything that can get messed up in wind or with heavy wear, I always suggest having a way to fix it on hand. Bobby pins, hair ties, hairspray, a brush, etc. Products you are comfortable with are perfect to have on-hand. That way when your tiny one’s hair gets a little disheveled, you are confident you can fix it and it will look great.



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