A professional session will always be pretty when done right. However, making it personal can be a task. Getting all the right touches of your life, and individuality can be difficult to choose. Here are my Top 5 Ways to bring your personality into your session.



Some clients have incredible careers, that are out of the ordinary and so so fun. There have been a few occasions where I have highlighted them in sessions to add some fun. In this one, in particular, Dad was a DJ. Which gave us a lot of personality to work with. He decided to bring some props from work so that I could create shots of the baby as a DJ.


Bringing your culture and heritage into your session is a beautiful way to make your shots personal. Like this absolutely stunning maternity session, with a sari. So so beautiful, and a subtle way to bring in your personality and heritage.





Sports can be a major character in newborn shoots, typically with baby boys, but fun either way. You can put your babe in a team onesie, or you can rock a team shirt. Either way, it is an exciting detail for a couple of shots!




Some little nuggets are way into their dress-up or are obsessed with a character. If your little guy or girl spends 90% of their time running around in a cape and mask- bring that for your session. You want to remember them at that particular stage in life. We can get prim and proper shots, but the ones you’ll have the most memories from at the ones that bring their little personalities front and center.




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Nothing is more personal than your own home. Your little one and you will be most comfortable in your own space. Plus, your own little touches will be everywhere. The whole environment is you and your family.


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