Deciding on which styles you’d like to play with during your family session can be tough. There are so many directions you can take your session, and these are often driven by location and fashion. Those two factors are major and getting them right can be difficult. Here are my top looks for your family sessions.


I love the semi-formal session because it is a great compromise and marriage between the traditional formal session and a session that is more fun and comfortable for your crew. A lot like formal, semi-formal is incredible in the studio. The clean backdrops glam it up and add a little extra style.

Dressy families bringing in their own style to their family sessions

Get yourself all dolled up and dressed to the nines. A dressy session is great if you are looking for a more sophisticated session. A lot of people love this for Christmas Cards, or just formal portraits to frame in your home.  I will always recommend a formal/glam session to be in the studio. There is something so chic about the clean nature of the studio.

families bringing in their own style to their family sessions

Casual sessions are becoming more and more common. Putting everyone in their everyday clothes and letting them be themselves. When your crew feels like themselves, it will show in the images. Casual sessions are the best outside. Get out there in your comfort zone, and let your crew run wild with their style.


Fun and Personality Filled Styles families bringing in their own style to their family sessions

This is always my favorite. I love it when people come in and are just 100% themselves and flaunting their personality and individuality. The shots are always loved by the group and their family members. Everyone is just wearing what they want so the family looks like themselves! You could do this kind of session anywhere that you are comfortable – in the studio, at home or out in nature. Get creative and have fun.

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