What to Expect at Newborn Sessions| Tips and Tricks

I see a lot of moms who go into newborn sessions a little nervous, especially if this is their first baby.

Newborn Shoots- Miette Photography- Jayme Okerblom

Everything is new and trusting someone else with your babe is difficult. I want to ease that anxiety as much as possible and give you some insight into what a newborn session with me looks like.


How Long is the Day?

A Newborn Session at my private studio usually lasts between 3-4 hours. I do have to say, most of that is soothing the baby and making sure they are comfortable. Newborn Sessions take time, so be ready for that!


Newborn Session - Miette Photography- Jayme OkerblomYour Involvement

Mom and Dad can have as much involvement as they’d like. However, I recommend bringing a book, laptop/iPad or taking a snooze on my couch. My job is to make sure the baby is comfortable, and that we get the shots. I don’t want you to worry about anything. Let this be a mini-vacation. All I will need you for is the shots that you want to be in, and for feeding if you are strictly breastfeeding.


The Studio

I have a Private Studio in Dallas, so we have free reign. That typically makes the days run smoother, and the whole crowd a little more comfortable. For newborns, I do keep the studio pretty warm, and in the winter I might have an additional space heater near the baby. All just to make sure the babe is the most comfortable. Just make sure you dress accordingly.


Before Your Newborn Shoot Photo of newborn baby smiling

I cannot stress this enough. We want the baby to be sleepy. Not only are the shots adorable, but they are more comfortable. So prepare to nurse a lot or bring some extra formula. A well-fed baby is a happy baby. Also, about an hour before your shoot, make sure to moisturize that newborn skin. Extra dry skin cannot be photoshopped out!


Black and white photo of a man and woman each holding one of their newborn twin daughters, and giving each other a kiss.


Your Special Appearance

If you’d like to be in some shots, make sure you wear some neutral clothing and keep it soft – both to protect baby’s skin and make her more comfortable, but also because it will help keep the photos looking comfortable. Don’t overly match with your partner or other family members. You can rock textures and layers but avoid patterns. They are too busy and can cause blur in digital images.

Newborn Photos to Match Her Maternity Portraits | Miette Photography



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