Today, we have a pretty special behind-the-scenes style blog to share with you all. We are going to give you a “fly on the wall” style look at Jayme’s studio and how her sessions operate.


Behind-the-Scenes at The Studio

Oftentimes people, clients and potential clients get very nervous about doing a studio session. Because let’s face it, most people feel very out of place in a studio. Or they do not know what to expect. Jayme has spent so. much. time. creating her private studio. She wanted to be sure everyone who came in felt at ease and comfortable. it really is one of her not-so-secret weapons. not only is the studio just plain gorgeous, but since it is a private studio, people loosen up very quickly. Which, we all know creates the most beautiful photos.



The other thing that makes sessions so easy and fun is Jayme. She is incredible at making people glow in photos and feel comfortable enough to be themselves in front of the camera. You can just see how much she loves it, and how much the clients enjoy being around her. All of that, mixed with her experience in high-fashion photography, really creates gorgeous, timeless and classic photos you will love looking at and sharing forever.


Call Jayme

If you are looking to schedule a session with Jayme, definitely don’t waste any time. Fall is one of her busiest times of the year, and her sessions fill up so quickly. Please call or text Jayme at 214.390.9524 or use the online contact form. She will get back to you quickly, usually within one day. And, if you are looking for more behind-the-scenes, check out our blog about a maternity session we had in the studio.



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