This summer, we’ve welcomed many cherubim faces to our studio, including this sweet one year old! The one year photo shoot documents a milestone in her young life. As newborns grow from babies to toddlers, high quality photos can help commemorate this chapter forever.

This baby donned several outfits for the one year photo session. She claps with delight for her turn in the spotlight in this white babydoll dress! Meanwhile, the bright blue bow brings out the color in her eyes.

While most newborns have their eyes closed–and are usually dozing–during a newborn session, one year photos are a chance to highlight a baby’s expressions. From delight to curiosity to grumpiness, we see the full range of emotions. And every time you look back on these photos, especially if you choose a First Year Album, you’ll remember those ever-changing moods!

Next up for a wardrobe change: nothing but the birthday suit. Check out how much fun she had splashing in the baby pool–with balloons, of course. The pink and blue make for a perfect summer theme.

Of course, we couldn’t forget the birthday cake to celebrate this little one’s first year of life. When was the last time someone set a cake in front of you and told you to dig in? It wasn’t long before a bite of cake ended up in her mouth. The cake made for a simple photo prop and teased more smiles out of her.

Finally, this beaded toy and flower garland brought more pops of color to each one year photo. Making the best use of color in photos includes understanding the color wheel, cool and warm colors, the emotions of colors, and even different color tones. Jayme’s expertise in modern and minimalist photography makes every photo an excellent one.

You can schedule your baby’s one year photo session with us in advance to get a spot on the calendar! Also consider if you’d like to purchase prints or a One Year Album, or ask loved ones to contribute to your gift registry. There are many ways to remember your baby’s first year of life forever.

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