Wow! That is about all the words I have for this session. This whole shoot from start to finish is just stunning, timeless, and cinematic. Jayme really continues to find ways of outdoing herself. Which is why sessions like this are so fun to share with you guys.


Timeless and Cinematic

This gorgeous mama-to-be is just incredible in this session. I mean, look at her! Not only is she growing a human, but she is modeling like it is her day job. This is really a timeless session, that is so so gorgeous. I would almost call it cinematic. Jayme has spent a long time perfecting her signature style, which will not only look good anywhere you put them, print them or send them.  But, they are also timeless. They will last you a lifetime, and your family multiple lifetimes. There is nothing in her work that will age-out of style.

Semi-Nude Confidence

Jayme gets a lot of mamas that want to do nude or semi-nude sessions and a lot that are nervous even thinking about it. Not only is Jayme insanely encouraging of whichever direction you want to go in your maternity session, but she also has a secret weapon. Well, she has a few. However, Jayme’s private studio in Dallas is major for nude and semi-nude sessions. You can feel 100% confident and comfortable in her gorgeous studio and know that the end result is stunning. Show off how amazing it is to bring life into the world! You got this, mamas!


Call Jayme

If you are looking to schedule a session with Jayme, give do not wait to reach out. Please call or text Jayme at 214.390.9524 or use the online contact form. She will get back to you quickly, usually within one day.

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