Is it not the most exciting thing, that Jayme is diving into her take on senior sessions? All of us over here at Miette are AMPED to see just how amazing all of these sessions turn out. You better believe they are going to be insane. Jayme has experience in high fashion, so you can trust your senior is going to look like a straight-up model. This is just one blog in our senior series, where we are giving everyone some insight on what to expect for senior sessions. Go back and give our other ones a look. We have a guest blog from our dear friend, Brenna, another amazing blog by Jayme about how she is re-envisioning Senior Portraits and a blog about the Evolution of Senior Portraits.


Set the Foundation

The number one thing your senior, and you, will worry about before your session is What to Wear! All mama’s out there worry about what to wear before every session, so this is 100% expected. However, your kiddo is going to want some control since it is their senior session. It can be full-on stress when picking outfits, so here is our “foundation” rule for picking. Grab one casual outfit and one fancy-pants outfit that you are confident in. Easy as that. A casual outfit will give your kiddo a chance to feel comfortable, and the dressier one will give parents a formal option. From there, you can bring a couple more outfits that your senior looks great in, and feels confident in. With extra outfits, you are shooting in overtime- it is all bonus.


Senior Personalities

The days of posing in front of a dated grey backdrop in your “business casual” button-up, are long long gone… thank goodness. Senior sessions can be full of personality, and so unique now. One way to add to that is by letting your senior’s personality show through their clothes. There really aren’t any rules, which is why these sessions are so stinkin’ fun. If your kiddo wears converse and a flannel every day, let them wear them in their session. Or, at least have it as one of their outfits. They will feel comfortable and confident, and it will show in their photos.

Another bonus tip we have is, if you are trying to pick outfits and are liking a bunch of them, but aren’t sure if they will look good on camera- bring them. With Jayme working in her own private studio, you really have the freedom to take your time and ask her opinion. She is an expert, and will be able to tell you if something will look amazing on camera, or is better in everyday life. Don’t be afraid to ask her opinion!

Call Jayme

If you are looking to schedule a session with Jayme, do not wait to reach out. Please call or text Jayme at 214.390.9524 or use the online contact form. She will get back to you quickly, usually within one day.


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