We often talk about newborn photo sessions and one year photo sessions, but today, let’s discuss all the great things about six month photos!

This sweet six-month-old was recently brought into our studio to capture her growth during the first half year of her life. She had so much fun playing with props, and we captured some laughs that will last forever.

six month photos

Here are three reasons why you can be delighted by six month photos.

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Babies Are Smiling and Sitting Up

six month photos

By the six-month mark, babies are learning how to sit up. They’re thrilled with being upright and the perspective it brings. This newfound skill often makes them smiley and adorable.

However, they’re not usually able to crawl away or stand up. So we can coax them to sit still in a cute position. And they love grabbing props—which makes photos more fun.

Finally, babies have often put on weight since their newborn photo session but haven’t started to burn it off by walking or crawling. So we get chunky thighs, squeezable cheeks, and perfect tummies.

It’s an Important Milestone to Capture

six month photos

Just like a baby taking their first step or saying their first word, sitting up is a milestone! And as a parent, you might just now be catching up on a little sleep and getting into a rhythm. You deserve to remember this phase of your baby’s life—and your own.

Remember that behind the scenes of a baby photo session, there’s rest and relaxation for Mom. Take a break from the frenzy of parenting and bring a book or iPad. Or, take a nap on our couch.

Six Month Photos Are Part of the One Year Album

The One Year Album is one of Miette Photography’s print products that we encourage all parents to take advantage of. The 10”x10” album features board book pages of milestone photo sessions—maternity, newborn, six month photos (like these), and one year shoots. Essentially, it’s a book of memories. The album is customizable for leather, linen, or custom image covers.

six month photos

You can also use six month photos to add to a wall collage. We’ve seen some beautiful wall collages that capture the first year of a baby’s life, much like the One Year Album.

Schedule a Six Month Photos Session With Jayme

Don’t write off the importance of a six month photo session. We’d love to see you in our studio! Contact us today to learn more about the shoot and get a date booked.

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