This furry little bundle of love is Stella. She is one super cute pup.

It’s been a while since I did a pet-only session, so this set definitely exercised some¬†photography muscles that haven’t been used recently. Mostly stamina and patience. Because let me tell you, puppies are even more difficult to shoot than toddlers.

They’re constantly distracted, don’t want to sit still or look up at the camera, drool a lot, and sometimes potty indoors. Just like toddlers, but times 2.

Good thing puppies are so cute, right? With their happy doggie smiles and big feet that they haven’t grown into yet. Really, though, Stella was very well-behaved and had the sweetest puppy face ever. She even managed to endure the tutu for a little bit out in the heat. Good dog, Stella, good dog.

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