At age 1, your baby is discovering the world! They are in constant motion, eager to touch, see, (and taste) the things around them. Whether it’s crawling to pick up a favorite toy, raising their arms gleefully upon spotting mama, or shaking their head “no” to assert their preferences, their energy and spontaneity are a joy to capture.  In this blog post, we highlight three aesthetic ideas that illustrate the curiosity and endearing charm of your one-year old in a first birthday natural baby photoshoot.

A charming baby sits in a red cowboy hat with boots

The Cake Smash

What better way to celebrate your baby’s first year of life than with a delightful cake smash photoshoot? Picture your little one’s eyes lighting up with curiosity as they poke and prod the yummy cake, and then diving in with complete abandon.

Adorable Baby Celebrating First Birthday with Cake Smash

A cute baby enjoys their first birthday cake smash

Some babies dive headfirst into the colorful cake, while others delicately sample the icing. The cake smash captures their budding sense of independence and is always a highlight of the session. We sometimes add balloons and a birthday hat to make it extra special!

an adorable baby's hands are covered in cake frosting

Vintage Tin Tub

In the midst of elaborate setups, there’s a beauty in simplicity. Our vintage blue tin tub allows us to focus on your baby’s innocence and their journey of discovery.

an adorable one year old crawling out of a vintage tin tub


Although getting these shots may involve a little encouragement from mom and dad for your little explorer to stay still, the end result is well worth it. These photographs are a testament to the fleeting nature of this stage and the pure innocence that shines through.

a cute baby acting shy in a vintage tin tub


Clean, Simple, and Boho Chic

We adore capturing your baby’s quirks, expressions, and the twinkle in their eyes as they encounter the world. Dressing them in cute outfits or adorning them with pearls create timeless and heart-melting photographs. We also include props like lovable toys, vintage chairs, and teddy bears to tell a story about their interests.

a happy baby with a teddy

a baby dressed like a little gentleman and holding a red ball

First birthday shoot of baby with natural props

Sometimes, it takes a little coaxing and the presence of mom or dad to bring out that cheeky, infectious smile. These shots focus on the developmental milestones of your one-year-old. They’re moving around on their own, standing on their own, and babbling away. 

a baby smiling with her dad in a first year photoshoot

Celebrate  Your Baby’s First Birthday with a Natural Baby Photoshoot in Dallas

A first birthday photoshoot is a celebration of growth, exploration, and love. Each aesthetic idea we’ve shared captures a unique aspect of your little one’s personality at this pivotal stage. By focusing on simplicity, innocence, independence, and pure enjoyment, we create photographs that serve as cherished mementos of your child’s journey. Contact Miette Photography today to book a natural baby photoshoot and create timeless memories that reflect their first year of life.

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