Since I really just ramble on and on here about nothing and was recently told by an EXPERT that perhaps I should add some CONTENT to my BLOG, I wanted to get in one more good ramble before I decide whether or not to take the expert’s advice. I have a lot to say on the topic of my business and the many many ways in which to do it right and/or do it badly and a lot to say about experts and their opinions too. But that is for another post. One that I have, in fact, started but have not yet posted because I am having a difficult time toning it down. A little potty mouth goes a long way and a lot well, that’s what I am working on. But you’ll get that and some business stuff in the next post. This one is for me.

My son turned eight yesterday. EIGHT. I have mixed emotions about this. I love watching him grow up as much as I hate it. He gets so much more clever and more hilarious and more lovable everyday and yet everyday is a day that he is growing AWAY from me. And I want that to STOP. I want him to be my little boy forever. Whenever I tell people that they always say in what I am sure in their mind is NOT a simpering voice, “I know, but you don’t really want him to stay this age forever. You really want him to grow up and be a man.”

Me: “Ummm….actually, no, I don’t want him to grow up. In fact, if I could invent a pill that would keep him just like this FOREVER, I would totally crush it up in his cereal.”

Person who is about to make me mad: “But seriously, that is just selfish. You wouldn’t want him to miss out on the chance to grow up and experience that.”


That is the best way I’ve found to end that conversation with me the clear winner.

Really though, I would be saving him from SO MUCH unnecessary pain and bullshit. Middle School? Are you kidding? What’s he going to miss out on there?  I know for a fact that I’d be much more emotionally stable if I had been able to time travel past all that.

Gavin spends most of his day in pretend mode. I love it. He has such a great imagination. Yesterday he told me he liked to imagine that all the galaxies in the universe were big ships saling on an endless sea. I told him that was a beautiful image and that he had a really creative mind. He said, “Yea, I know. That’s why I make up so many great stories about monsters. And farts. Because I am really creative with farts.”