Miette Photography is celebrating 20 years of being in business! Jayme has been serving the Dallas/ Fort Worth area and capturing all of those stunning baby smiles, maternity portraits, and family sessions for the past 20 years, and she is not slowing down. This is blog number 2 of the series. If you missed the first blog check it out here. And, if you have been a client of Jayme’s, post some throwback photos of your session with her and tag us in them!

Jayme specializes in two subject matters: mothers and babies. With moms, she references her journey of motherhood. With kids, she references her own childlike spirit. “I’m so good at relating to kids because I am playful and fun and I can still act like a kid with them just as I do with my own children,” Jayme smiles.

Jayme offers expectant mothers an invaluable service: a high-end maternity shoot that paints the picture of their unique experience. “It’s so difficult to convey to other people what it feels like to be pregnant, even to your spouse,” she says. “To be pregnant is to be extremely vulnerable and also, specifically feminine and powerful.” A mother’s journey with Jayme begins with a consultation that details her lifestyle, personal taste, and ultimately, her dreams for the session. From high-fashion model chic to simple, soft feminine milk baths, Jayme creates a uniquely personal shoot for each mom-to-be.

Jayme shares an anecdote of a recent client who offered her examples of images she loved: an advertisement of a woman fiercely holding onto her child; faces close together; lots of hands. Thus, a mood board was born. Jayme built a shot list to express the mother’s sense of fierce motherhood and intimacy; capturing in just a few hours what the mother will remember for a lifetime of her nine-month experience. Jayme conveys each mother-to-be’s inner strength by stripping away the props and opting instead to focus on facial expression, gestures, mood and style to tell her story.

Authenticity is a defining factor of Jayme’s work. She approaches each mother and baby with gentle familiarity and genuine kindness. With new moms, “I tell real, relatable stories about my own pregnancies that keep the atmosphere light and fun. This helps to ease them into feeling a bit more comfortable,” she explains. If a woman needs guidance on falling into a pose, tilting her head, or holding her hands, Jayme gives easy, clear instructions. A background in fashion photography gave her an understanding of modeling that she now references for her own subjects. But she holds firm that less is more – this means fewer props, less makeup, no over-the-top ball gowns, etc., directing the attention toward a baby bump or a woman’s natural beauty instead. “It’s supposed to be you, but not the perfect you,” she articulates.


20th Anniversary of Maternity Photography

Throughout the month of June we are celebrating and highlighting the amazing 20 years Jayme has had in business. From maternity photos to full-blown generational family sessions- We will be diving deeper into her process as a photographer, and how she has been telling stories of families throughout the past two decades. Keep an eye out for a couple more incredible blogs that will be coming your way. If you’d like to schedule a maternity session, don’t hesitate to reach out. Please call or text Jayme at 214.390.9524 or use the online contact form. She will get back to you quickly, usually within one day.

Mom models in private dallas studio showing off her baby bump for maternity session Gorgeous glam maternity session with Dallas based maternity photographer stunning maternity session in private dallas studio

Maternity session with mom posing in traditional sari

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