“First Miracle”

By A.E. Stallings

Her body like a pomegranate torn

Wide open, somehow bears what must be born,

The irony where a stranger small enough

To bed down in the ox-tongue-polished trough

Erupts into the world and breaks the spell

Of the ancient, numbered hours with his yell.

Now her breasts ache and weep and soak her shirt

Whenever she hears his hunger or his hurt;

She can’t change water into wine; instead

She fashions sweet milk out of her own blood.

As a woman turns into a mother, two sides emerge: the strong, protective side and the soft, nurturing side. Both exude femininity. A luxury maternity photoshoot captures the duality of motherhood in a way that is timeless and sublime. In today’s blog post, as foreshadowed by American poet A.E. Stallings poem above, we are highlighting the powerful side of motherhood. 

An elegant pregnant woman is captured in a luxury maternity photoshoot, exuding confidence and beauty.

The Beauty of Maternal Strength in a Luxury Maternity Photoshoot

During pregnancy, a woman is no longer just herself. She is also carrying another person inside her. The changes in a woman’s own world are significant; her body has become more curvaceous, her breasts have increased in size, and she may be experiencing morning sickness or fatigue. She is preparing for the arrival of another human being into this world. These back aches and abdominal cramps often reveal a hidden maternal strength, and make for some powerful fine art pregnancy photographs. We want our mom-to-be’s natural beauty and power to shine through in each photoshoot so that other mothers can see themselves reflected in these images.

A pensive pregnant woman is capturedin a luxury maternity photoshoot, exuding confidence and beauty.  

Revealing Maternal Instincts in a Luxury Maternity Photoshoot

While a woman’s body is preparing to give birth, so is her mind. This is the time when she develops maternal instincts and begins to understand what it means to be a mother. She becomes more inspired to protect and care for her family. This maternal instinct to keep one’s offspring out of harm’s way at any cost extends to other animals as well. We empower women to embrace their new role of protector in photoshoots that convey a sense of quiet fierceness and boldness. Any time you don’t feel capable of handling the challenges of motherhood you can look at these photos as a reminder of your inner grace and power during this transformative period. 

A pregnant woman is captured lying on her back in a luxury maternity photoshoot, exuding confidence and beauty.

Celebrate the Power of Motherhood with Miette Photography 

The idea of a luxury maternity photoshoot is to celebrate the power of motherhood. It is a chance to cherish these nine months of conception before you welcome your new baby into your arms.  Contact us to learn about how we work with our clients each step of the way in our private Dallas central studio to create images that capture the unique strength of the female body. 

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