“Miracle of Life”


By Maureen Hawkins


Before you were conceived,
I wanted you.
Before you were born,
I loved you.
Before you were here an hour,
I would give my life for you.
This is the miracle of life.

A mother’s beauty lies in her multifaceted nature. She is strong and protective, yet soft and tender. During maternity, moms-to-be experience the dualistic nature of femininity more than ever before. Maternity is a time when a woman begins to develop an unconditional love for the baby growing inside of her, as beautifully illustrated in Maureen Hawkins’ poem “Miracle of Life.” While eagerly awaiting her baby’s arrival, the pregnant woman also starts to honor her nurturing side and embraces the feminine need for self-care.

An elegant maternity photoshoot.

Expressing Unconditional Love in a Luxury Maternity Photoshoot

A shift takes place the moment a woman realizes a tiny human is growing inside of her. A mother’s dreams are now intertwined with the joy and well-being of her unborn child. Although she does not yet know her baby’s gender, personality, or appearance, she develops a deep emotional connection with her baby. One thing is clear: she will love and support her child for the rest of her life. 

At Miette Photography, we delight in crafting fine art photoshoots that convey the unconditional love a mother has for her child. Our luxury maternity photoshoots incorporate delicate fabrics, blush pinks, white tones, and floral elements. They serve as cherished reminders of the unbreakable bond between a mother and child.

A pregnant woman lies on a pink blanket in fine art maternity studio image.


Honoring your Nurturing Side

While the emotional connection with her baby deepens, a woman becomes more patient, kind, and affectionate during maternity. We work closely with each client to convey this inner light of motherhood in our luxury maternity photoshoots. Preparing to be a caregiver for an infant involves a complete lifestyle change. A woman is transitioning to adapting to a new work schedule, new morning routine, and new habits.

This period of preparation for motherhood is both exciting and deserving of celebration—an opportunity to embrace a new chapter. In our luxury maternity photoshoots, we pose our mothers in positions that reveal the tender side of femininity. We focus on elegant artistic direction in a private studio environment.

maternity image of pregnant woman in flowered robe

Embracing the Feminine Need for Self Care with Miette Photography

During pregnancy, self-care becomes a top priority. Just as a soon-to-be-mom grows to love the baby inside her, she also grows to love herself more–her new curves, her rosy cheeks, and her stretch marks. She becomes more conscious of the importance of her own physical, mental, and emotional well-being in order to perform her maternal duties well. 

Pregnancy is a time of rest, relaxation, and intentional living—and photography is the ideal way to celebrate these new values. A luxury maternity photoshoot not only captures the physical beauty of an expectant mother but also reveals the deep nurturing qualities and femininity that emerge during this transformative period. Contact us to learn how a photoshoot with Miette Photography captures the essence of this feminine self-care journey.

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