I am always going to be a fan of six-month sessions. They are just too cute to not absolutely love them. This one was a blast, because we were lucky enough to get Mom and this little girls siblings involved.

Six-Month Sessions

The six-month session is one of my personal favorites to do with your newest family member. Everyone always remembers to schedule your newborn and one-year sessions but the six-month session often gets left out. But, six-month-olds are little sponges. They are excited about everything and are just starting to see their surroundings and soak it all in. In addition, their little personalities are coming through and invariably, they are the most excited ones in the room. They are sitting up, fully aware, very chubby and most importantly, happy.


Siblings Getting Involved

Another thing that is always fun is getting the other siblings involved. This little girl’s big brother came to the shoot, and I think they will make quite the duo in the years to come. He absolutely adores her, and I am sure he will be looking out for her for a long long time.


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