A three month old baby with a pink flower headband.

Often when clients think of the One Year Album, they’re picturing just that—a book dedicated to their baby’s first birthday. But actually, what’s special about this product is that it can document all the major milestones of your baby’s first year. This includes three month baby photos!

We recently shared about baby’s first milestone: the newborn photos. Typically, newborns keep their eyes closed and snuggle into cozy poses. They might smile in response to touch. But they’re usually sleeping, which represents a large portion of those first few weeks of life (except at 3 am!).

By the time a baby has turned three months old, they’re wiggling around more and have more mobility. They hold their eyes open and gaze at you. They laugh, push up on their elbows, kick their legs, and grab their toes. But they still nap—which means you get a wide range of three month baby photos!

A baby grabs their toes. A three month old baby smiles at Mom. A three month old stretches out against a dog.

You might also feel that you’ve gotten the hang of caring for a baby. They might be sleeping more predictably. Feeding is more scheduled. Some babies have growth spurts around three months, and you might be amazed at their height and weight every morning!

However, it’s worth a reminder that every child’s development is different. If your baby isn’t quite at the milestone of your friend’s baby, don’t worry. By keeping in touch with your pediatrician and celebrating the steps as they come, you and your baby will do just fine.

A couple looks at their three month old baby. A baby tucks into their blanket.

Book Three Month Baby Photos With Miette Photography

If you’re holding a newborn while you read this but want to schedule a photo session for three months out, give us a ring! We want to help you continue that One Year Album. It’s a meaningful investment that helps document memories for decades. Plus, you could always ask your loved ones to contribute to the sessions through our gift registry.

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