I hope you are all as excited about Christmas as I am. It can be a stressful time of year, but it is just so fun. I am in a particularly good situation because I get to hang out with beautiful families and take their Christmas and Holiday Card photos! Here are my Top 5 Tips for the Best Holiday Card Sessions.


      Get Your Personality Involved

I really love sessions where families bring in little things that accentuate their personalities. I have taken pictures with pajamas, turntables, superhero capes, donuts, and full Santa suits. Every last one of those tiny details will set your session apart from everyone else’s and makes it all your own. Rock it!



You Don’t Have to Have the Most Formal Picture

Formal pictures are really amazing to have, but so are the ones of you all laughing at the baby, or Dad. Show off your family dynamic with some interaction and laughter. I find that some of what would normally be considered an “outtake” becomes instant family favorites. Don’t count them out!






String lights, or fairy lights, can be the BEST holiday prop. They are so fun, and dramatic, but also add incredible warmth to a session. Plus, string lights are a huge hit with kids.



You don’t have to avoid Christmas Colors

I know a lot of people want to avoid the traditional green and red accents, and I get that. However, for the people that want to throw some Christmas flair in, we can do it in a really beautiful and subtle way. Just fun enough that we all see it is Christmas, but subtle enough the picture can be hung all year round.




 If You’re All in it, Call it a Holiday Card

With all of that being said, your holiday card doesn’t have to be themed. It can just be a really beautiful picture your photographer took. Family sessions are stunning, and evergreen. Start by aiming for a session that you love.





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