Double the cuteness and double the love: these one-year twins photos brought a whole family together on a beautiful Dallas day in the yard.

It’s a special treat when I get to take twins photos because it’s twice the personalities and twice as many smiles for me and my camera. In fact, I got to enjoy many more smiles than that. Because mom and dad decided to include the grandparents and auntie, too. I love that kind of inclusivity! It means we’re capturing happy, playful memories that everyone can treasure for years to come. And for grandparents, being included in family photos means special bragging rights among their friends.

One year photo sessions are a time to highlight new baby skills, like walking, and games involving gross motor skills. Their personalities are so much more developed than at a newborn photo shoot. You can see these twins’ sweet temperaments in a lot of the photos below. They were wiggly and playful, interacting beautifully with each other. They had one little spat, which they worked out quickly, and they were endlessly entertained by the cowboy hats. The little blue bench provided the perfect spot for the twins to relax.

One of the nicest parts of outdoor family photography is all the color. This location (the grandparents’ wonderful backyard) was positively lush after all our rain last year and the entire group seemed relaxed and comfortable in that setting. I usually shoot quite a bit of black and white, and I did get a few in there, but the vibrant palette had me choosing color for most of the twins photos and group shots. I particularly like the baby girl’s fuchsia sweater against the backdrop of darker greens. It really pops and catches the eye.

If you’d like to take some twins photos or family shots, give me a shout. I’d love to talk to you about creating some beautiful memories.


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