Dress-Up Photos for Little Girl in Her Mother’s Wedding Dress

A client came to me recently and requested a very specific sort of shoot. She wanted to have some pictures taken of her little girl in her (the mother’s) wedding dress. This was a new type of shoot for me, but I was totally on board. Fancy dress clothes are a pretty common choice for some sessions, but for the most part everyone’s clothes generally fit.

And for this type of shoot, the charm comes from just how much the dress nearly overwhelms the subject. Mom and I had a lot of fun watching this little girl try to keep the dress on. It didn’t fit her at all, of course, and kept slipping down every couple of seconds. She didn’t seem to mind, and had a great time posing and preening in her super-fancy dress up clothes.

She’s only 3, but she’s already quite the fashionista and loves girly stuff and anything that sparkles. Needless to say, she was in heaven. She looked like a tiny little princess with her tiara and veil.

Mom got in on the dress-up action, too, bringing in her own mother’s wedding dress to wear. These pictures will be a gift for herself and for grandma.

So a new photo experience for me, and a fun wedding dress-up photo shoot for this little girl. We’re all so fancy.


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