We are rounding out our Senior Photo Session blogs with answers to the biggest question of all. How to Prepare for Senior Session? There really are a million different ways to prep leading up to your session, but these are just a few of our top tips, that will help all the seniors out there feel confident in the days leading up to their big session.


What to Wear

We wrote a blog all about what to wear during a senior session. Just remember to bring clothes you feel confident in, and bring options. You will not regret having too many. options, but you will regret not bringing enough.


Treat yourself

Photoshoots are fun, I don’t care who you are. Everyone loves to feel like it is all about them for a hot minute. Embrace it! Photoshoots aren’t an everyday thing for most people. In the weeks, and days, leading up to your session get your hair and nails done. (If you do decide to get a fresh cut, ladies, make sure it is a week or two before your session.) Or even splurge and have a makeup artist do your makeup on the day of. Make it fun and special for yourself!


Meaningful Accessories

Do you have an heirloom necklace that you have been given, that you wear every day? Or a watch that was handed down? Those kinds of things are the perfect additions to your sessions. They add just the right amount of personal flavor, without overtaking the whole session. Just a special touch that will warm your heart every time you look back at the session.



Look for some inspiration before your pre-session consultation with Jayme. You are the creative director of this session, don’t be afraid to dive into searching for inspiration.



In the days leading up, hydrate from the inside and out! Drink water and use moisturizer. Dry skin shows on camera, and water makes helps clear blemishes and makes your skin glow.


Trust the Process and Don’t Stress

Don’t stress about posing, and feeling weird in front of the camera. Jayme does the best job of making everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera and does a lot of directing. You don’t need to be a seasoned model, she will tell you how to stand and move just right to look like a pro. No one will believe that modeling isn’t your side-gig.


Call Jayme

If you are looking to schedule a session with Jayme, do not wait to reach out. Please call or text Jayme at 214.390.9524 or use the online contact form. She will get back to you quickly, usually within one day.

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